What is EOS

Real, Simple, Results


EOS stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System®.  By implementing EOS into your business it helps you and your team gain alignment, engagement, and clarity of direction which we sum up in three words - Vision, Traction, Healthy - getting everyone rowing together in the same direction. 

Six Key Components™


Every business has Six Key Components™ that when 100% strong everything just works.  The problem is that most companies are weak in a few areas and as a result hit a ceiling that they can't seem to break through.  We teach you a proven system that helps you gain Traction® in each of these six areas which allows you to break through to the next level!

How it All Works


It all starts with a free no-obligation 90 minute meeting with your leadership team where we explain in detail exactly how EOS works.  From there, if you decide EOS is for you, we lay out a plan in which to help you implement EOS in your business, with the main goal being that you master the system and no longer need help.  We have a saying - "EOS is simple...but not easy".

The EOS Story

Check out this great video to hear from several clients of the EOS process and what it's done for their business.


The Tools

Not only do we teach you the proven EOS system to help you strengthen the 6 key components of your business; we provide a complete set of practical tools to help you gain and maintain traction.


Traction Library

  1. Traction  - For everyone
  2. Rocket Fuel - For the Visionary & Integrator 
  3. Get a Grip - For the leadership team (Traction's fable)
  4. How to Be a Great Boss - For leaders, managers and supervisors
  5. What the Heck is EOS? - For employees, managers and supervisors